Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Catching up in Pictures

Thought I'd do a quick catch up in photos from this summer on.
This is Abby and Emily on the boat on the way to Grandma's house. It was windy.

Cousins on the porch swing. All of them are getting so big.
The girls at the marker of the beginning of the Oregon Trail. in Ft Leavenworth, KS The large dip between the 2 hills behind them is worn from all the traveler at the time. They ran up and down it a few times.

Halloween we had a bee and a skeleton. Here they are waiting for the bone hunt (think egg hunt) that our HOA put on.

We all did the Seattle kids marathon with a group from Abby's school. Their PE teacher wore a fat suit and silly hat because they got more that 25 kids to run it.

Here they are all set to start the run. It was cold.

Christmas day working on lego. See Dave can smile in pictures if you catch him unaware.

Tickle time and wrestling with Daddy.

Emily and my flowers on Valentines day.

Abby, her new glasses, her chocolate face, and my flowers on Valentines day.

The local moms club payed for a night at a local jump place. You can see both girls climbing up. It was great to get out even without Dave along.

One of the little boys got scared and Abby decided to help him.

She was so pleased with herself, and his mom came and thanked her for being so nice.

That's it for now look for another post soon with pictures of our house and town in it.

A Bunch of random pictures.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween, Birthday, and End of Summer

Halloween night Batgirl and The Strawberry look like they are up for tricking not treating.
Did you know that you CAN'T buy a kids strawberry costume or find a pattern for one? Well you can't, thankfully Emily isn't very picky. Abby is picky, but just wanted an easy to find in the store costume.

Fall Fest at Emily's partday preschool. It was REALLY cold(for here) and sprinkling so not the best picture but Emily was soooooo glad to show off her school to us.

Abby's birthday party was held at her gymnastics studio. Everyone ended up tired but happy.

Abby in all her glory as the center of attention.
Here is Abby swinging and friends waiting in line and working on other parts of the obstacle course.
Balance beams and low bars. Erica (Abby's best friend from last year) is walking ahead of her.
Abby on the balance beam ( her favorite although she likes the high one) and Tyler from church The cake was a Monsters vs. Aliens cupcake cake.

Showing off and convincing everyone to put icing on their noses.

Here are some from the end of our summer.

John, Autum, Abby and Emily ALWAYS have a great time together. This in them sowing their personalities off under the GIANT Louisville Slugger Bat in Louisville.
This one includes baby David who would like to keep up with the big kids.

And a stairstep photo of all the friends.

Also a GREAT time with their cousin Audrey on Grandma's swing.

Well that's it I'll try to be better about this, winter keeps us inside more so maybe.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Welcome to spring. Here are the girls in all of their Easter beauty. They decided they wanted to match and there was no way to change their minds.
Abby and Emily really love our flowers and had to sniff them today when I took their pictures.
Here they are acting like themselves. Not sure what ws so funny, maybe just too much candy in their systems.

While we were at Marcia and Lloyd's we helped clear the yard.

And we had a visit with cousins.

Abby claims it was bright, but I think she was practicing being a teenager.

Last of all I thought I'd add 3 pictures from Christmas.

Lloyd must still "have it" look how he can still attract the girls. Ha Ha !!!! (junk food doesn't hurt his odds)
Here are all the cousins together, can't you see the love.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Abby's Birthday (our camping post follows this post)

Abby enjoyed her birthday at school. This is her BIG sticker she came home with. She gave out gift bags to all of her class and got sung to.
She got a necklace from the Amstutz, she was excied and said she wanted to wear it to church. Then she wanted to wear it to school, and when I said I didn't think so she argued about what the other girls are wearing to school. When did she become a teenager?

This doctor cart is what we bought her from Mom. She's been eyeing it for a while. This was the reaction when she first saw it. We made her cover her eyes, it was too hard to wrap.
Last but not least here she is with her cake. She chose it CARS she just wanted the toy car that came on top. Read the new post BELOW this on for camping pictures.


We went camping this weekend for Abby's birthday. The first pictures are of both girls gathering wood for the fire. I think this was the most fun they had. They were both scared of the fire and wouldn't go near it so no campfire pictures this time.

We survived the night, but decided we need a bigger tent. This is the girls the next morning. We were right on the lake as you see behind them. We could see fish jumping out of the water after bugs.
Here they are waiting for the water to get hot for oatmeal. It was perfect camping weather couldn't have asked for better.
And the birthday girl taking a walk with Daddy.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

End of Summer Fun & My Scar

Here's Abby with her new school haircut, on her first day back.
Abby needed a family picture for their school family tree so this is what we ended up with. Everyone was tired of pictures at this point. Emily kept looking at Abby instead of the camera.
Here's Emily with her "ponies" She would LOVE to have them in everyday if I'd do them. She has to run and look in the mirror as soon as they're finished.
John got a slip and slide just before our visit so they spent Sat afternoon playing while I spent it in bed with the stomach flu. :P
And below you will find my scar for anyone interested. This is at 2 weeks post op, and it's still a little sore and swollen in places. And yes, it really has faded that much and isn't that bad looking even this soon.